In the summer of 2015, Kama City will host the Residency Biennale — focusing on paper, wood and memories.

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Country Life Kama Surroundings


Exhibitions Program Tokyo The Night Museum

Kozo Trea adjusted

Kozo Craftman


Exhibitions Kama Oda Hiroki Museum

Burning Boat at Dusk

Dirk Smit Residents 2015 August 23, 2015

Printing on T-Shirts

Workshops August 23 Workshop Printing T-Shirts

Kotaro Takeibi August 10

Kotaro Maetani Residents 2015 Takebi August 10, 2015

Mani Arrives

Mami Motoyuki Residents 2015 Mami Motoyuki

Eriko Ishikawa touring the Print Studio

Open Ateliers Workshops July 2 Print Studio Tour

Steven van Lummel Arrives

Residents 2015 Steven van Lummel Steven van Lummel Arrives

Mami Motoyuki

Residents 2015 Mami Motoyuki


Country Life Cleaning up the School’s Yard

View From Kosho

Program The Vision


Library Sessions Program Introduction

Kotaro Maetani

Residents 2015 Kotaro Maetani

Christine Maas

Residents 2015 Christine Maas


Residents 2015 Ryoichi Nakamura

Anne Claire de Briej

Residents 2015 Anne Claire de Breij

by Anne Claire de Breij

Residents 2015 Steven van Lummel

Keys to the School

Open Ateliers Program Introduction

Dirk Smit

Residents 2015 Dirk Smit

Senzu Elementary School Classroom

Workshops Printing Memories

Shibaura House Rastered


Odabi Raster

Exhibitions Kama City Oda Hiroki Museum of Modern Art

Kosho-mist and Takalo

Kama Kosho-san