Printing Memories

One of the main themes of the Residency is Memories. For the Future Publishing and Printing, the act of printing ink on paper is one of the best means of creating and preserving memories in a form that can be shared between people.

During the Residency period, RISO Kagaku will sponsor two Goccopro 100s allowing for a series of 6 print making workshops. These workshops will be held in the dedicated print room.

The focus of these workshops is combining contemporary methods (the Goccopro) with traditional Japanese washi.

The dates are as follows:

June 13 – 14: Print Studio Tour (during Open Studios)

June 20 – 21: Print Studio Tour (during Open Studios)

July 2: Print Studio Tour

July 4- 5: Print Studio Tour (during Open Studios)

August 22: Making screens – workshop making files and setting up screens.

August 23: Printing on T-Shirts.

August 26: Printing on Washi and making books

September 5: Printing on Washi and making books

Washi Atalier

The washi atelier of Mr. Matsuo in Yame.