The Future

The Future is an independent publisher and printer founded by Klara van Duijkeren and Vincent Schipper – lovers of the tactility of paper and books.

We give small and/or experimental ideas, that could have a large impact, an opportunity to communicate through the print medium. Though we are based in the center of Amsterdam, we collaborate and distribute internationally.

It is not only about content. Printed work is also about the tactility of the paper when you turn the pages, the vibrancy of the layers of ink over quality paper and the artistic nature of the graphic representation of the content. By bringing together like minded people and institutions, a social and cultural environment will emerge.

Though all our projects always result in printed matter we explore various mediums to express ideas, perspectives and opinions, such as curating, building installations etc.

For more information see the website: The Future Publishing and Printing


The Future Publishing and Printing was established July 2013, in Amsterdam.

Photo Courtesy LUFTZUG
Photo by Ayako Nishibori