The idea of The Future Residency in essence began with the image of a library. A place where everyone can come to read, recall, discuss, and share experiences and histories.

This program element as two different parts:

1. A cultural library that will grow as the residency develops, with new books being donated and other books and documents being made. These books will be acquired over the years of The Residency. These books will travel with the exhibitions of works developed during the Residency.

2. In addition to just a library the space of the library of former Senzu Elementary School will host SHIBAURA HOUSE‘s researcher in residence. For 2015, Mami Motoyuki will create a radio station connecting Kama City and Tokyo.

Radio Station schedule:

July 22, 2015: Radio show with special guest Keyaki Kai member Matsukuma-san.

August 4: Radio show with a discussion between The Future, Kenji Matsuoka (Matsuoka Architects), Masaomi Shiragane (Kamakura / Shiragane Mokuzai), Takao Kuwano (Kamakura / Idebiki Jinja).