The Vision

The Residency is a space tucked away and removed from urban stimulus, nestled between local crafts, community rituals and natural elements. Within this residency a wide array of creative disciplines are given space, time and materials to reflect and create.

In The Residency, three activities are expected:

◊ The residents produce work based on ideas developed before coming to Kama City. The Residency focuses first and foremost on providing space in order to finalize and execute projects away from unnecessary distractions.

◊ The residents must create a program or work which involves the local population, local businesses and craftsmen. This is a project developed while residing in Kama City.

◊ The residents must add something physical to the residency’s building during their stay. This can be a new building, a vegetable garden, a refurbished kitchen etc; using local materials and working with the local community.

From 2015 onward, The Residency will have Paper and Wood as material themes. Though it is important to provide as much creative freedom to the residents, it is also important to provide restrictions. These restrictions are meant to challenge the residents to explore basic materials.